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Interesting geosites of the Czech Republic

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About application

Interesting Geosites of the Czech Republic is a map application created by the Czech Geological Survey within the project “Through science to education, through education to science” in order to promote geology to a broad public.

The map application briefly and clearly describes geologically interesting sites in the Czech Republic. The basic layer contains natural geological outcrops, caves and karst phenomena and remains of human activities (mainly of mining origin). Description of the geosite includes a name and a photo, level of its protection and other references. It is possible to bookmark the favourite places and to measure distances and areas in the map. The map application currently presents geosites and it is continuously updated. Moreover one can add additional layer Decorative stones with basic information about displayed objects and links to more information (not fully translated yet).

Titles of geosites are in Czech language. We hope to provide English version of this data in near future.

The Czech version of the map application offers more other geosites arranged mostly in the individual layers - museums with geological expositions and outdoor geological exhibits, national geoparks, sites with a published excursion guide (downloadable in PDF format) and localities with links to an animation of the landscape evolution in the certain geological time. Works on the translation of the geosites descriptions in English are going on continuously.

Internal version of the application: nt07

Comments on the content of application

Possible inaccuracies, incorrect information, any mistakes, wrong positions or non-functional links can be reported at zajimavosti@geology.cz. We also appreciate new reports from the field (the change of the quality or access to the geosites). Thank you.

Functioning of the application

Web application is platform independent and it works in all modern browsers on any device (both desktop and mobile). The availability and accuracy of locating your position depends on the features of your device (GPS, access to Wi-Fi…).

Base maps

Map services of the server Mapy.cz are used as basemaps (hiking maps with marked trails and ortophotomap).

Related geological information

Chronostratigrafic terms with the respective ages are defined in the International Chronostratigraphic Chart on the web page of the International Commission on Stratigraphy. Czech and English geological terminology is connected in the Dictionary of Geology.

About project

The project “Through science to education, through education to science” was co-financed by the European social fund and national budget of the Czech Republic.

The subsequent maintenance of the application and updates of the data are parts of the main aims of the internal project of the Czech Geological Survey called " Significant geological localities of the Czech Republic".


Please contact webmaster@geology.cz with any potential bug reports, questions, problems, comments or suggestions concerning the application. Comments on the data content can be sent to zajimavosti@geology.cz

The application was created and it is operated by the Czech Geological Survey.

Authors of descriptions of the geosites

Jiří Babůrek, Miroslav Bubík, David Buriánek, Jan Doucek, Martina Fifernová, Zdeněk Kukal, Lukáš Laibl, Tomáš Lehotský, Radek Mikuláš, Vladimír Motyčka, Miriam Nývltová - Fišáková, Pavla Tomanová Petrová, Markéta Vajskebrová, Jan Vítek, Václav Ziegler

Authors of the photos

The author of the photo is indicated in CGS Photoarchive.

Creation and operation of the map service

Martina Fifernová, Pavla Kramolišová, Martin Paleček, Václav Pospíšil

Graphical design of the map application

Eva Šedinová

Programming of the map application

Radek Svítil

Testing, cooperation, consultation

Richard Binko, Pavla Gürtlerová, Lucie Kondrová, Lukáš Binko, Otmar Petyniak, Libuše Smyčková, Marika Polechová, Alice Bílá

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